Our Companies:

Fluid Air Controls, LLC was formed exclusively for the purpose of acquiring Flairline Fluid/Air Products and consolidating it with Hydronic Corporation. Fluid Air Controls will be maintaining the Hydronic and Flairline brand names separately but under the same corporate ownership and infrastructure.

Air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units are core products for Hydronic Corporation. Founded in 1953, the company provides a range of air driven pumps and power packs along with a larger variety of accessories. Reciprocating piston pumps and high pressure systems became the focus of their business. The company has recently expanded its design capability with air driven fluid pumps from 500 PSI to 52,800 PSI. The range includes miniature products for manifold mounting, complete modular power pakcs off-the-shelf and models covering most flows and pressures for building into sophisticated pumping systems. Hydronic's staff works closely with distributors, users and original equipment customers in the manufacturing industry for powering clamps, fixtures, presses, lift tables, special purpose and production machines.

Flairline's product range is made of pneumatic cylinders,actuators and some niche pneumatic valves for compressed air and low pressure hydraulic. Pneumatic actuators use controlled, compressed air to provide linear or rotary movement and force on a significant variety of machinery and equipment in many different applications. Flairline's emphasis is on linear actuators providing both force and movement. These actuators and cylinders are available in different standard bore size ranging from 3/4" to 8" as well as strokes up to 130". These are typically ordered for specific applications. These applications include, but are not limited to, automated machinery, packaging machinery, medical equipment, car wash equipment, dispensing equipment and assembly machinery.